CUBA WITH THE FAMILY: THE PERFECT TANDEM – Página OFICIAL Maratón de la Habana / Habana Marathon Official Site



The island of Cuba is a great option for a family trip. There are lots of activities for both adults and children, without forgetting what we like most: running.

Beaches with crystal-clear waters, white sands and palm trees, together with a historic route that takes us to places where great films like “Fresa y Chocolate” or “Clandestinos” were shot. The decadent streets of Havana, which Ernest Hemingway fell in love with, await us with Cuban sounds, rum, and probably some of the most spectacular sunsets in the world from the mythical malecón (waterfront).

Cuba has so much to offer, excellent cuisine waiting to be discovered, and beautiful landscapes such as the beaches at Varadero, where your little ones (and not so little ones) can have a great time enjoying the plant life and wildlife. Cuba stands out among its Caribbean neighbours for its great diversity, it is not just a ‘sun and sand’ holiday destination. Its history, culture and natural environment are a world waiting to be discovered by us.

From the lively streets of Havana, a city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, to Pinar del Río, where most of the island’s tobacco comes from, and the colonial cities of Trinidad and Cienfuegos, where time seems to stand still.

You will find Nature in its greatest splendour in Cayo Blanco, a diver’s paradise. It is a 15-kilometre-long unspoilt island where sea life can be seen swimming free. Then there is the Hicacos Nature Reserve in Varadero, which will transport you back in time to when pirates sailed its waters and used its incredible caves in their search for treasure.

In November, the Marabana will give us an opportunity to take a break from the European or North American autumn and remind us that it is always summertime somewhere in the world. This is probably the best excuse to fly to Havana and run through the city on its 42-kilometre marathon circuit. The Marabana is not just sports tourism, it is also family tourism, the perfect tandem for all members of the family.

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