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“People’s support and running along the Malecon was something extraordinary”

The Mexican Laura Berenice dreamed of travelling to Cuba since she was a child. After her mother’s death, she promised to run many kilometers thinking about her, and this motivation has taken her very far. Finally, in 2019 her dream came true running in the streets of Havana thanks to its marathon.

What motivated you to run Marabana?

I wanted to make an international marathon and when I saw there was one in Havana, I had it clear. My childhood dream was to travel to Cuba, so being able to run in Havana my first international marathon was a double dream that came true.

Was it your first time in Havana?

Yes, and I am sure it won’t be the last one, I hope it is the first of many.

 If you had to highlight something about the race, what would it be?

Without any doubt, the support of people and running down the Malecon. It was an amazing experience

 Do you recommend the experience?


Will you return to run Marabana?

Of course, I must return to Marabana with the personal objective of improving my record in the race

What did you like most about your trip to Cuba?

Specially visiting Havana in the best way; running, reaching the finish line and receiving the medal. The emotion I felt at that moment after finishing my first international marathon was something I will never forget.

In Cuba I met another culture, something different, something unique, I challenged myself to the temperature, to the change of weather and I was able to show myself that I can do this and more, without injuries, with a smile of satisfaction and achieving an international medal. At 30 years old I can assure that I have realized a huge dream, so I just can say, thanks Cuba!

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