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INTERVIEW TO ROBERT SZYSZKO, Participant Marabana 2019

INTERVIEW TO ROBERT SZYSZKO, Participant Marabana 2019

“My dream was to debut in a marathon in an amazing place, so Cuba had it all”

Marabana can boast of being an international race that attracts participants from all over the world. México stands out as the first nationality, but foreign participants of up to 63 different nationalities increase year after year. We have talked to the Polish Robert Szyszko, who returned in love with the island after his participation in Marabana 2019.

How did you had the idea of running Marabana?

I have always loved running, but I have never run a marathon. A friend who was registered encouraged me just a few weeks before the marathon and I didn’t think it twice… to take part in Marabana was a totally spontaneous decision.

So Marabana was your first marathon?

It was my debut in the distance, my dream was to run a marathon somewhere incredible, so Cuba had it all: its circuit, the weather, the beach, its people, etc, absolutely everything was spectacular

What impressed you the most about the race?

The festive atmosphere we breath all the time, since the start up to the finish line after 42km. The atmosphere was incredible.

What did you think about the island of Cuba?

Fantastic, it was an amazing trip. People is very kind, we were a group of Polish friends and we returned delighted. To walk through the streets of Havana is like going back to the 60’s, as if time had stopped at that moment.

Would you recommend your friends to take part in Marabana?

Of course! To all those lovers of running and travel, do not think twice. It was a great discovery, a trip that I will never forget.

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