Arnau Crosas took part last year in Marabana. Experienced runner, he knew the race through social networks and had no doubts in planning his holidays according to the race. A binomial that he recommends and keeps a very good memory.

How did you know Marabana?

I wanted to visit Cuba with my wife since some time ago. A country with a long musical culture, an incredible nature and with a long history behind. The perfect destination. So, when I discovered that a marathon was held in Havana through social networks, I had no doubt in choosing the dates of the trip to coincide with the race.

Which were the main incentives to face a marathon of the Caribbean?

Usual runners can choose among many marathons throughout the year and anywhere in the world. Although the usual trend is to look for a marathon that allows to get a specific record and, therefore, to improve your record, fortunately many of us also look for something else. In this case I thought about enjoying running and, at the same time, being able to travel. A different

I really wanted to know what was waiting for me and I started to gather information about the race. I saw that it would be hot and very humid, so this was a challenge that motivated me. It was just what I was looking for, leaving my comfort zone.

Did you take advantage of the trip to make tourism?

Of course. As it was my fourth marathon that year, after the Marathon of Barcelona, the Marathon of Paris and Empúries, I was convinced that I would plan the race calmly to take advantage of the trip and visit de country. Moreover, my wife came with me, so we planned our family holidays based on the race. Once I finished it, we still had many days left to continue our adventure and to enjoy this great little country.

What reasons would you give to those people who hesitate to take part in the Cuban marathon?

I wasn’t disappointed at all. It is a totally popular runner atmosphere. The organization is very good. We must bear in mind that Cuba is a country where resources are limited, and even though, the runner has everything he/she needs along the race. A two-way race, with start and arrival in front of the Capitol, a wavy circuit, in which you run along the mythic Malecon, the Vedado area up to the Sports Palace, passing through the Revolution Square and Old Havana. A route that does not leave you indifferent and that allows you to enjoy all the essence of the city.

What did you like most about the experience?

The little mass of the race. To have the privilege of living a great atmosphere without the agglomeration of runners. The unique sensation of running along the Malecon without traffic and in the second round, in some moments, almost alone. I think people should experience running a marathon of this kind, away from crowds. People is very friendly, they encourage you and even sometimes, they wanted to run by my side.

Other thing I liked most was the happiness of the Cubans that take part in the race. It is a great event in the city and Cubans, runners or not, participate and run with that they have. Nothing of last model of sports shoes or clothes. Cubans really don’t leave you indifferent.

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