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November 17th

38th Edition of Marabana Cuba

Marabana Cuba is much more!

If you want to consecrate as Marathoner, it’s time for you to take the suitcase, goals running shoes and put on to the Caribbean. Make a break and enjoy the most epic island marathon; runs through the streets of the old city of Havana: music, beach, delicious food, its people and its soft folklore is what awaits you in this spectacular city and steeped in history.
The Havana is a different world!
2024/11/17 06:00:00

The date is now set for the leading event on the Cuban sporting calendar. The 2024 Marabana Cuba will take place on November 17th with its 38th edition, a special occasion.

The Marabana Cuba Marathon course, which starts and finishes in Avenida Independencia y 19 de mayo, is the only Cuban circuit officially certified as an international race registered with the AIMS/WA.

All you need to know

Marabana Cuba 2024

Get to live the running party in The Havana, the weekend of november 16th and 17th.


               Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and 5K.




Tips on hydration, nutrition and weather to make your race a success.

Official Circuit

Certified by the AIMS/WA, that runs through spectacular places in a city that captivates its visitors.


Thanks to all the companies and institutions that believe in sport and make this event possible.

The Half Marathon and Marathon course is certified by the AIMS/WA.


La Habana is the capital of the Republic of Cuba. Due to its geographical location and the excellent qualities of its bay, was for centuries the mandatory stopover for the Spanish fleets on their transit to the European continent.

Running on the Marabana Cuba circuit will allow you to get to know very unique areas of La Habana, among which Old Havana stands out, a place where its buildings form a magnificent treasure and which today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as important corners of the city, such as its fortresses, its sumptuous avenues and other places with important cultural richness.

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La Habana is the capital of the Republic of Cuba. For its geographical position and the excellent qualities of its bay, was for centuries the required scale of the Spanish fleet in transit to Europe.

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