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Discover La Habana


La Habana is the capital of the Republic of Cuba.

Did you know that La Habana is a must-see destination included in many cruise itineraries in the Caribbean? For its geographical location and the excellent qualities of its bay, was for centuries the required stopover for Spanish fleets on their transit to Europe.

Running in Marabana Cuba circuit will allow you to get to know very unique areas of La Habana, among which the Old Habana stands out, a place where its buildings are a magnificent treasure that today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and important corners of the city, such as its fortresses, its sumptuous avenues and other places with important cultural richness.

Its architectural works and monuments stand out for their uniqueness. The Capitolio Nacional, the sports city, the monument to the medical students and, the monument to national hero José Martí, located in the Plaza de la Revolución, the site of important historical events in the last 54 years of the Republic of Cuba, are some of the examples.

Since 1987, La Habana, the capital of the largest of the Antilles, has been hosting prestigious runners from all over the world in a particular sporting festival, a festival in which everyone has the chance to win and become a champion.


  • Hotel Tryp Habana Libre
  • National Capitol
  • Louvre Sidewalk
  • Museum of the Revolution
  • Memorial Medical Students
  • Fortaleza de la Cabaña
  • El Morro Fortress
  • Castillo de la Fuerza
  • Central Park
  • Parque Calixto Garcia
  • Antonio Maceo Park
  • Parque de la Fraternidad
  • Jose Marti Anti-Imperialist Tribune
  • Fountain of Youth
  • Corner of 23rd and 12th site where the socialist character of the Cuban Revolution was proclaimed
  • Malecón headquarters marches fighting people
  • Plaza de la Revolucion
  • Palace of the Revolution
  • Philatelic Museum at the Ministry of Communications
  • José Martí National Library
  • Quinta de los Molinos
  • School of Stomatology of the University of Havana
  • Veterinary School of the University of Havana
  • Central Computer Palace
  • Source India
  • Arqueologic Museum
  • José Martí Sports Park
  • Casa de las Americas
  • The sports park Castillito
  • Centro Deportivo Kamilo Cienfuegos
  • Jose A. Echevarria Sports Center
  • Celia Sanchez Sports Center
  • Zoo 26
  • Higher Institute of Physical Culture Comandante Manuel Fajardo
  • Cuba Deportiva industry
  • Ramón Font Sports Multipurpose room
  • Sports City, seat of the National Institute of Sports Physical Education and Recreation (INDER)
  • Raul Diaz Arguelles Sports Complex headquarters of the National Patinódromo and the National Complex Pelota
  • Gran Teatro de La Habana
  • film Payret
  • Charles Chaplin film
  • Cine Acapulco
  • hotel Inglaterra
  • hotel Telegrafo
  • Hotel Central Park
  • hotel Sevilla
  • hotel Deauville
  • hotel Plaza
  • National hotel
  • hotel Riviera
  • Hotel Melia Cohiba
  • restaurant 1830
  • Hospital “Hermanos Ameijeiras”
  • 26 Surgical Hospital “Joaquín Albarrán”
  • Emergency Surgical Clinic Hospital “Freyre D ‘Andrade”.