Regulation – Página OFICIAL Maratón de la Habana / Habana Marathon Official Site


-Start time: 06:30 am.

-The race has a time limit of 3h for the Half Marathon (until 10am) and 6h 30′ for the Marathon (until 1:30 pm).

Individual starts for each starting box at the time specified in the race program.

It is strictly forbidden to cut the circuit through other unofficial routes not marked.

The circuit includes only the use of the extreme right lane on the Malecon, Calzada, 23rd Street and 26th Avenue, in case of using an alternative route, the times will be recognized only for that route.

5km races aimed at foreign runners and walkers finish at the same kilometer point of the official circuit.

If runners registered for the marathon distance decide to finish at the half marathon point, they will be considered as disqualified and will not appear in the classification.

The Technical Management may recognize the runners’ time, but in no case will they be entitled to prizes.

Runners have 3h 30′ to run the first 21km. After that time limit, it is not allowed to continue in the race to complete the marathon.

Runners registered for the half marathon are not allowed to continue the marathon distance. The organizers may force them to abandon the race.

Runners registered for the 5K and 10K races will only be allowed to complete the course of the distances for which they registered, if they decide to continue or finish in any of the other distances they will not appear in the official classification.

If a runner is in the course without a bib number, will be removed immediately from the circuit and will not be allowed to enter the finish line.

The race number should be worn on the front of the T-shirt. No runner may alter, bend or remove any part of the race bib, as this may result a first warning, or disqualification from the race.

Any runner who competes using aids or clothing other than shorts, pullover or T-shirt without the authorization of the technical management will be cautioned or disqualified.

The finish line can be divided in two, to differentiate the entry of runners of one distance or the other or in case of the disabled according to the modality in which they compete.

There is control equipment at special points, on the circuit, that will register each runner making it possible to know that he/she has run the indicated place and the established distance.

When the results are published on this web page, claims can be made within 15 days and a response will be given 10 days after the claim has been made.

Complaints shall be made in person in compliance with the requirements set out in the AIMS and IAAF regulations.

When the results are published on this page, claims can be made within 15 days and a reply will be given 10 days after they have been made.

Runners with special needs may participate in any of the distances, provided that they request authorization in writing to the Technical Management of the event, such as runners who use canes, runners on hand-operated tricycles, runners who use non-traditional clothing for these events.

The Management of the event may establish special invitations, regulations and awards for runners with special individualities, depending on the number of participants registered in a category, provided that the total number of participants is 8 or more.

Runners authorized to take part in the special individuality category may have identification marked on their race bib.

Cuban runners will be identified as the team of the province of residence, university center or military unit both in the registration lists and in the results.

All runners will wear appropriate running attire with no foul, offensive or inappropriate phrases for a sporting event.

All runners who finish will receive a certificate specifying; name, time, overall place and place in their category.

All results will be published on this page at the end of the event.

In case of suspension of the event for reasons of force majeure, participants who have paid their registration fee will have the right to participate in the next year’s Marabana free of charge. If they are unable to participate in the following year, they will apply to the event management for an exception to allow them to participate in the second year after the suspension of the event.