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“Cuba is a special country and Marabana a unique marathon”

Ronen Dayan is in love with Cuba. After visiting the island several times, when he knew that a marathon was organized, he thought it was the ideal excuse to return, this time practicing his favorite sport running his fourth marathon.  Born in the coastal city of Ashdod (Israel) where he works as a crane operator in the port, he already dreams of his next trip to Cuba.

  1. How did the idea of ​​participating in Marabana come about?

Cuba is a country that has always fascinated me.  After travelling several times to the island, on one of my trips I discovered that there was organized a marathon in Havana, so I thought there was no excuse to return, this time practicing my favorite sport.

  1. Was it your first marathon?

No, no, I had already run 3 and Marabana was my fourth marathon. It was really a challenge for me, I had never run a marathon outside my country, and I was a little scared because I didn’t know well the terrain. The circuit of Marabana is unique, 21km in two laps through its Malecon and some of the emblematic points of Havana. My unique objective was to finish and specially to enjoy the race.

  1. What surprised you most about this experience?

 I love Cuba, it is an amazing country and being able to run a marathon passing along the Malecon, next to the sea and few meters from well-preserved old cars, was something magical. Havana is a spectacular city.

  1. Do you think that everyone can run a marathon?

 Of course, I started a few years ago and the first time I friend told me to run with him, I only could run some meters, I couldn’t breathe … just five years later I had already run 3 marathons. It is extraordinary if you can combine sport and tourism, as is my case in Marabana.

  1. What will be your next challenge? Will you return to Marabana?

Of course! If I can, I will return every year to Cuba to take part in Marabana. The preparation of a marathon is hard, but I have realized that wanting is power, and if I propose myself a challenge, I can do it. A marathon is hard, but it makes you feel very strong when you reach your objective.



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